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A letter to my lecturers

A letter to my lecturers

A letter to my lecturers

As an online student, it is true that keeping myself organize is a struggle. Most of the time, work can be done in my own time but I also have to remember that it all HAS to be done in my own time.

In my first year, it was scary to think that there would be something that I wouldn’t understand and who would I ask for help?

This fear quickly diminished with the help of my lecturers and ALLaN team members support!

To all of my lecturers, thank you for making sure that I received the help I needed whenever there were questions in my assessments and exams that I couldn’t understand, and for repeating your explanations in many different ways just so my tired brain could CATCH UP!

As a Charles Sturt student, the most memorable experience I had was when I was experiencing personal difficulties in my life and had almost dropped out of a subject.

My lecturer took the initiative to contact me just so I would attend the exam the very next Monday. She encouraged me and reminded me of why I was studying and how this bump could affect me in terms of slowing down my plans.

Instead of dropping out, I passed the subject and even received a credit! Not only this, she had suggested for me to contact the ALLaN support team to help me with my own personal issues so that it would not affect my studies as much as it almost had.

I would also like to express my gratitude towards ALLaN staff members. I have learned quite a lot from attending the online workshop sessions for my studies especially with essay writing and referencing.

They taught me a lot of useful information that was applicable to most of my subjects, as well as future studies.

Altogether, it has been a very challenging and exciting experience to study online. But with the assistance of my lecturers and the help available to me through the ALLaN support team, it has been easier than what people think and what I had initially expected!

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