Backpack essentials for uni

Gone are the days of coming to class empty handed or being underprepared for an online tutorial.

Prioritise the essential items you need, such as this list below to feel organised and ready to tackle the rest of session.

Water –

Our Australian weather can deliver some fairly hot days, so readily available water is a must! Pack a good water bottle or have your favourite drink handy.

Pencil case –

Always have a lot of pens and pencils. If you have no need for them in class, you are bound to come across at least one other student who does!

Headphones –

Great for listening to your study playlist, zoning out any distractions and focusing on your lecture or tutorial.

Snacks –

Packing food will keep your energy up and your wallet happy. No more buying food on impulse because your stomach is hungry.

Gum or mints are also a handy idea for keeping your breath fresh and your hunger at bay.

Portable phone charger –

The last thing you need is to be stuck with a dead phone, so have a portable charger ready for emergencies.

Don’t let it distract you from studying, put your phone on aeroplane mode and live without notifications.

Deodorant –

It’s always good to have the option of freshening up between classes or while you’re studying away from home.

Enjoy a quick spritz from your favourite body spray or deodorant.

Hair ties –

They do more than hold up your hair! I recently used a hair tie and a pen to make a capo for my guitar.

You can use them to keep your earplugs from getting tangled or to tie up your hair on a hot day, obviously.

Band-Aids –

Paper cuts are a legitimate threat, so have some first aid items ready to go. Add in some Panadol for those study migraines and headaches.

Sunglasses –

Whether you’re driving or walking around campus, you can’t go anywhere without sunglasses in Australia’s UV ray intensity.

Chapstick –

Have a moisturiser handy, not only for lips, but also for burns or dry skin on your hands. Such as for a hot day after swimming.

Finally, don’t forget your personal essentials! Before you leave, remember your keys, phone, wallet, and student ID.