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6 tips for online learning

6 tips for online learning

Online learning is great for flexibility and self-paced studying but it also requires staying disciplined, on track and focused.

Here are six of our best tips to help you get the most out of online study, and succeed!

1. Make a study schedule:

To study consistently, establishing a solid routine is essential. Ideally, you should implement a study schedule as early as possible.

Use a weekly planner that includes all aspects of you life and makes sure you have enough ‘me’ time and work shifts or anything else that needs to get done.

2. Begin work early:

On top of having a study schedule, it is important to know when all of your assessments are due and plan out when you will do your study.

The earlier you begin your assessments and study, the easier you will find it to complete your work.

3. Balance your time:

Be sure to give yourself a break from the screen and study. By playing sport, going for a walk or doing something calming, you will be able to continue working productively, as well as improve your mental and physical health.

4. Designate a study space:

While online studying means that you can do you work from basically anywhere, having one or two set spots that is just for study is extremely helpful in making sure you are as productive as possible.

Pick a spot in your house, on a park bench, at the local library or anywhere else that you won’t be distracted and lose focus.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Online learning can be confusing at times, such as navigating your subject Interact2 site or understanding an assignment.

Contact your lecturers, subject coordinators or course director to help you find the answer and support you through. Use the discussion boards to reach out to fellow students in your course and browse other people’s questions, you might have the same one and the answer is sitting there!

6. Use services available to you:

Make the most of CSU’s study services to give you the boost you need to ace your studies.

The ALLaN team provide support both online and face-to-face to assist with assessment questions or study needs. They can give you assessment feedback or create programs tailored to you to help improve your skills and get better marks!

Study Link offers many different short online subjects that are designed to help prepare and expand your existing knowledge and skills, while getting you familiar with the online learning environment.

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