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The new Student Charter – What it means for you

The new Student Charter – What it means for you

Student Charter

Studying at Charles Sturt University is rewarding and enjoyable, but as a student we have a responsibility to play our part in the community.

The Student Charter is a policy that identifies what is expected from you as a CSU student, and what you can expect as a CSU Student. And this year, it has been given a revamp.

The new Student Charter has a clearer purpose

The Charter is now easier to understand. The purpose is clearer: to help you see where you stand as a student. The Charter also reflects our community’s shared values of being Insightful, Inclusive, Impactful and Inspiring, and our commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability in teaching and research.

What CSU expects of us

The new Charter sets out how we’re expected to participate in all teaching and learning activities, take up opportunities, give feedback, interact with honesty, and recognise intellectual property. It also talks about treating everyone respectfully, taking care of yourself and others, and using services responsibly. Sounds pretty straight forward!

What we can expect of CSU

The Charter also sets out that we can expect engaging teaching, respectful and timely interactions with staff, safe environments, and opportunities to have an impact on how the university runs. Everyone will also be treated equally and fairly.

We all have a role to play

There would be no university without the students – we all have a role to play. CSU welcomes your active participation and contribution to the CSU community. The Charter asks us to give feedback about what we like and how CSU can improve, and by getting involved in CSU’s cultural life and how the university works.

Learn more about the new Student Charter, including what is expected of you and what we can expect of CSU.

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