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International day of people with disability

International day of people with disability

Coming into December, an important day on our calendar is the International Day of People with Disability.

Celebrated every year on 3 December, this day is a United Nations sanctioned event that aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

Here in Australia, the Government has been supporting International Day of People with Disability since 1996 and provides funds to promote and raise awareness of the day around Australia.

The theme for 2018 is ‘Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.’ According to the UN, it is focused on empowering people with disabilities for an inclusive, equitable and sustainable development as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

CSU offers services to people with disability every day. The service supports students with mental health, physical or sensory impairment, learning disability, or short and long-term medical conditions.

Sam Tiernan, manager of CSU’s Disability Service recognises just how important International Day of People with Disability is and is impressed by how well students with a disability perform in their studies.

“This is an important day as it is a means of celebrating achievements of those with a disability,” she said.

“CSU plays a role in eradicating barriers and promoting participation and equality. We are committed to assisting those with disability to achieve the best from their study and believe it should be no easier or harder for students with a disability to participate in uni life. We strive to make the experience equal for students,” she said.

Sam believes there is nothing more rewarding than when students graduate from their studies.

“I’m always amazed by the capabilities of students with disabilities. It’s inspirational what they overcome and the energy and passion they have,” she said.

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