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Get a mentor in preparation for Graduation

Get a mentor in preparation for Graduation

We all hope to land our dream job once we graduate but facing the world outside of Uni is a whole other ball game.

Now that I have found myself at the pointy end of my degree, I have come to the realisation that I am soon to be on my own in the world of graduates. This next stage has led me to seeking a mentor, so here are my top five tips on getting yourself a mentor:

1. Compatibility

Finding a mentor that is compatible with your personality is key. If you don’t feel comfortable and in tune with your mentor, chances are that it won’t work out. However, it’s also not about finding a friend – you need someone who can challenge and inspire you.

2. Two is better than one     

While one mentor is great, having two is an even better opportunity to cover all your professional development needs. They will be able to target and focus on different elements of your career path to give you the best step forward.

3. Peer mentors

Mentors don’t just have to be years and leagues ahead of you. A peer mentor is someone just a step or two ahead, within the same generation as you. They’re willing to bring you along the journey and share their experiences with you!

4. A small price goes a long way      

It’s important to remember that some mentorships may require an investment on your behalf. Do your research before choosing a mentor and look out for any funding available to support mentoring for your professional development. Plus, the benefits go both ways in mentee relationships as your mentor can learn from you too, so it’s definitely worth it!

5. Get organised     

Shape the mentorship in a flexible, yet structured way. Schedule in meetings to stay on top of catching up and set goals to see progress and improvements.

So, if you’re graduating this year get yourself a mentor and breeze through the transition from graduate to full-time employee! To check out CSU’s mentoring programs, contact them here.

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