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Establishing independence for youth allowance

Establishing independence for youth allowance

Did you know that working while studying could make you eligible for youth allowance? You may have thought you were ineligible because you didn’t meet the criteria, however there are a few other factors that can help establish your independence:

  1. Full time work

If you have been working full time while studying, you may be considered independent. Check if you’re eligible with the independence through work history tool.

What constitutes full time paid work?

  • Working for at least eighteen months within a two year period
  • Average of thirty hours per week
  • Includes paid leave, overseas work, full time apprenticeships and more
  1. Part time work

Work you have completed since leaving school could also help you get youth allowance. Find out the requirements, such as whether you have worked at least fifteen hours per week for two years, to see if you fit the bracket.

  1. Location

Do you live in a remote or regional area? Then, you might also be considered for independence! Use the Student Regional Area Search tool to see if your home is eligible.

If you need to live away from home to study, that can be counted too!

  1. Other factors

Your parents’ income is another criterion to consider. Complete the parental income test to find out if you’re dependent or independent.

Remember, you will need to prove your eligibility, so be honest and provide as much information as you can.

With this background info, you’ll be able to determine your eligibility and maybe score some extra financial support! For help or more information, contact CSU Finance.

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