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Build your study skills this summer with Study Link

Build your study skills this summer with Study Link

If you’re looking for ways to get ahead or bridge your knowledge gaps for next session then Study Link is for you! Whether you are studying for the first time, returning after a break or just need to brush up, Study Link offers the subjects you need, at your pace.

Study Link is a resource for CSU students to take advantage of to enhance their skills and build confidence in their studies. It helps get you to a level playing field if you weren’t able to complete something in year 12, have not studied for 10 years or are transitioning from TAFE to university.

It can also assist you in improving your marks, making a career change and gaining confidence to complete your degree.

You can choose from online subjects across science, maths,  writing and more to improve in the areas you need. These subjects are short, self-paced and give you good experience with studying online.

Most CSU courses list specific Study Link subjects that they may recommend via the online course brochure, so find out the expectations for your course to help decide which subjects to take.

Tips to make the most of Study Link:

  • The best time to do subjects is when you begin your degree or in the breaks. Working on your weaker areas without the pressures of assignments and exams helps you to relax and expand your knowledge in your downtime
  • Use feedback from your lecturers and assignments to guide which subjects to take and improve or re-learn those skills over the holidays ready for the next session. Be proactive in realising the gaps now to be job-ready when you graduate
  • Enrol now! Summer holidays are the biggest term because you have three to four months to get the work done. You can either keep the brain cogs turning and choose what you need to succeed in your degree.

BONUS…If you are a CSU Commonwealth Supported student, Study Link subjects are free for you!

To check out the available subjects and enrol, head on over to the Study Link website. Spend that extra time to get ahead without the extra uni load!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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