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Why I love studying online

Why I love studying online

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by Amy Carlon

Studying online might sometimes feel like a burden, so it’s time to be reminded of why you chose this path! Remember that you are able to get as much from your study time online as you would if you were an on-campus student, plus a few additional perks.

Perks of studying online:

  1. Flexible schedule. That’s right, no face-to-face classes (apart from the occasional compulsory online tutorial that you can’t miss) means work, family and life can go on without the worry of missing a class, being late or needing commute time. For sure the biggest perk of being an online student!
  2. No limits because of location. Your location will not determine what you can study, so you can select from an incredible range of courses that are offered at any campus. Even if you are an on-campus student, you can select subjects that are taught at another campus! That’s what I did and it has really benefited the direction of my studies.
  3. Diverse connections. Take advantage of connecting with classmates and lecturers through Interact2, Discussion Boards and CSUSocial. It will be insightful to your studies because people will have many different perspectives and experiences due to their location.
  4. Personalised learning environment. You can make your own learning environment online. It may take you a while to find the place or the routine that works best for your studies, but using your own desk at home with all of your favourite things can be more enticing than a lecture hall on rainy or unmotivating days.
  5. Free access. Yes, you read right, as an online CSU student, you have access to a range of online sources. For example, library books which can be posted to you or your nearest CSU campus. Or travel to the closest CSU library and use their designated study areas for a change of scenery (which I do regularly). You can even access the gym, pool and other leisure facilities!

I  decided to do a mix of online and internal study for my first degree as the online ability made busy times in my life more flexible and when timetables just did not work in my favour. And I am now undertaking Post-grad studies completely online, so I can certainly vouch for these perks!

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