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3 things to do before you graduate

3 things to do before you graduate

by Jenna Verhoeven

We all know the usual pay your library fines and check your eligibility before graduation, but surely our last session can be more meaningful than cramming and organising! Here are my top three ways to make the most of our final semester:


As a soon-to-be-graduate, you should use this last hurrah to solidify what your next step is and how you intend on getting there, whether it’s further education or out into the workforce. For example:

  • Letters of recommendation. A great letter of recommendation can help you secure that post-grad spot, or shine above the others at an interview. Remember that lecturers are busy too, so give them plenty of time for any deadlines and don’t forget to follow up!
  • Fellow graduates. Look at starting a mentor group with your peers for when you first get out into your new field. And keep contacts with friends for cross-referrals in the industry – you never know when you might need an accountant in Albury, or a Physio in Port Macquarie!

Leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy at uni can be a grand gesture or a small offer. Consider these:

  • Textbooks. Donate your old textbooks to a CSU library, local high school or Co-op bookshop instead of throwing them out
  • Hand-me-downs. Pass down any old, but in good condition Uni items to other students, they’ll appreciate your notes and last-minute tips you have to help them out!
  • Res Life. Help your RA get ready for another year of on-campus living or offer your expertise to first-year students. Donations and your time are great ways of giving back.

Say thank you

Even though I am completing my third degree, I still make the effort to attend graduation because it is an opportunity to thank those around me for helping me get through uni.

Perhaps you had the same barista every day or a lecturer who really helped you when you were stuck, or a great ALLan Team member who helped you nail an assignment. Think of all of those who helped you get to this point and consider thanking them in some special way. A small thank you can change someone’s world!

So, after you pay your gown hire fee and return your last library book, do these three things and graduate with a full heart.

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