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Get to know Kalray Menezes

Get to know Kalray Menezes

by Lauren Bohane

Kalray Menezes will be competing in judo for CSU at the UniSport Nationals Div 1 and is determined to add to the two gold medals he won last year!

Kalray moved to Australia from Brazil when he was 19 and couldn’t even speak English. Now, he runs his own business and studies physiotherapy at CSU’s Port Macquarie campus.

He first started judo when he was ten, while looking to include more physical activity in his life. He says that, like most kids, judo appealed to him because it was a bit of fun, and a bit of fighting. It wasn’t until age 16 that judo became more of a competition than a hobby. He would train three to four hours a day to reach the highest level of judo that is set in Brazil.

To prepare for Unisport Nationals, Kalray started training twice a day and even worked to lose weight to fit into the division that he is competing in. He says this year will be harder than the last because people now know him and know what he is capable of, but he is determined to do even better and bring home more gold for CSU!

“Judo has taught me that I can always improve, I can always train, and I can always do better,” he said.

Kalray finds that the best part of competing at UniSport Nationals is the challenge of performing well for the people you represent.

The move from Brazil to Australia was very hard for Kalray, especially not knowing how to speak the language, but he says there are so many more opportunities in Australia.

Kalray also does a lot of work around his Uni campus, helping students who are stressed over their work, but his dream is also to inspire those still living in Brazil. He wants them to see him competing, thriving and realising that they too can escape the poverty they live in.

Keep an eye out for Kalray in the UniSport Nationals Div 1 judo event this Sunday!

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