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CSU Bathurst Return and Earn takes off!

CSU Bathurst Return and Earn takes off!

By Bree Fonti

This year on Bathurst campus, we’ve had lots of students getting involved in many different initiatives to be more environmentally friendly. A favourite initiative that has sky rocketed to success amongst residences is the Return and Earn challenge.

Return and Earn challenge was designed and launched by the ResLife team on Chifley. Head resident, Lachie Duncan had the brilliant idea of creating a four-week dorm vs dorm challenge. The requirements of the challenge were to pick up bottles/cans, collect them, return them for money, and add up your tally.

This challenge saw students running across residences for the collection of many bottles and cans with the Pink Dorm Pelicans, led by residential advisor Kelly Hickman, dominating the challenge with a total of $273 saved from Return and Earn. That’s over 2700 bottles/cans picked up and cleared out from our beautiful residential area!

  • 1st Pink Dorm Pelicans (RA Kelly Hickman)
  • 2nd Red Dorm Rattlesnakes (RA Sam Groom)
  • 3rd Green Dorm Grizzlies (RA Josh Decent)

Thanks to the team at Chifley, we’re now seeing the other residences commence their Return and Earn challenges and seeing all our bottles/cans be cleared away and our residential environment kept looking beautiful.

Massive congratulations to Chifley Head resident Lachie Duncan and Residential Advisors Kelly Hickman, Josh Decent and Sam Groom for making this such a successful initiative for students to participate in.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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