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Things to do today to help you adult tomorrow

Things to do today to help you adult tomorrow

by Amy Carlon

Are you a young student who has just ventured out on your own for the first time having to cook, clean and even do your own laundry? If you are in need of some tips on how to adult look no further, here are 5 tips to help you be successful:

Plan your week

Yes, this includes all those unwanted activities such as doing your laundry or cooking. For example, meal prep is a great way to help you save money and time. We don’t always have time to cook meals and are often lazy or tired by dinner, defaulting to take-away as the best option (which we all know isn’t true for our wallets or health).

Set your alarm

A lazy Sunday never hurt anyone, but if you want to get your jobs done during the week set your alarm the night before and wake up early, ready to get your day started. Plus, a few snooze button presses are always allowed!

Save money

If anything is going to help you ‘adult tomorrow’ it will be making the right financial decisions. We now have rent and bills to pay we never had to think about before. So, if this means skipping that one coffee purchase or making an actual budget plan, you will thank yourself later when your bills all come at once.

Ask for help

Adults need help too, just because you are now living an independent life does not mean you do not need guidance from other people, asking a question today could really set you up for a better tomorrow.

Make time for yourself

We all need to make sure we relax, whether that’s heading out with friends, having a family night or binge-watching Netflix. It is okay to have time off so that you are rejuvenated and motivated for the adult tasks you will need to endeavour tomorrow.

It’s time to take these tips into consideration and you’ll be feeling like a ‘real adult’ in no time. Now, excuse me while I just go call my mum to find out how to use the washing machine!

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