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Your guide to picking the best study spot

Your guide to picking the best study spot

by Amy Carlon

Finding a place that helps you effectively study can be tricky whether you live on campus or have a house full of kids at home. Here are areas where you can maximize your study:

Places to study:

  • Designated study area – if you have the ability to set up a desk or study, it will help you focus and minimise distraction
  • Dining table – if you have limited space but need to study at home, the dining table is often the best place to set yourself up!
  • Study rooms – there are plenty of study rooms on-campus, from classrooms to on-campus residences, you won’t have to go far and can study with friends.
  • CSU library – head to the Uni library where all the resources you need and a quiet study area are in the one place! The local library is also a great option to get out of the house and off campus.

Tips on choosing the right space:

  1. Different spaces work for different people. So, remember to consider what you need – for example, studying in a noisy area. Do you need a quiet room because you find high traffic areas distracting, or do you need an open environment because the movement keeps you motivated? 
  2. Research says – a key place to avoid is your bed as research says that studying in bed makes you wind down and relax, the opposite of productivity.

When I was studying I would sit on my bed because it was the one place I was able to get away from noise and focus. However, when I was stressed I always had the urge to nap (which of course, I did). I would end up feeling sluggish and the motivation to get work done disappears.

It’s important to find a place that works for you and establish a great study pattern from the start but do not be afraid to mix it up now and then, fresh environments can always help with reigniting motivation!

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