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5 things we all do to procrastinate

5 things we all do to procrastinate

by Loren Howarth

Procrastination is any uni students worst enemy, day after day you say you will start the assignment soon enough. But how do you spend that time instead? Here are the many other appropriate options which we are all guilty of…


The only time cleaning seems fun, is when you are supposed to be doing an assignment. Even if you don’t have much mess lying around, you’ll find something which needs to be cleaned. The dust on top of your ceiling fan? What about cleaning out the fridge? Or, the wardrobe you’ve been thinking about organising for some time…

Watching Netflix 

There’s really no greater accomplishment than starting a series on Netflix and finishing it in as few days as possible! Even better when you have a bunch of assignments to do.

Scrolling through social media 

You’re sitting at your desk with your computer open and textbooks on hand, ready to go. But you’ve really only set the scene. You start scrolling through social media on your phone. You come across cute dog videos and tag you friends so they’ll see too. This sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?


For some reason, procrastination brings out the inner baker in all of us! While scrolling through Facebook, you came across a delicious chocolate cake recipe. And it seems there is no better time other than now to put your culinary skills to the test.


Napping has to be one of the most common ways we all procrastinate. There really is nothing better than having a cheeky snooze on the lounge when you should be doing a million other things. Best of all, napping requires minimal effort and you literally don’t have to do anything. No wonder it is so tempting!

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