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8 leadership skills you can (and should) develop now

8 leadership skills you can (and should) develop now

Studying at CSU can open up many leadership opportunities. Learning how to be a great leader is a skill and professional development in this field can look great on your resume. Whether you are involved in one of the many sporting teams at CSU, a student organisation or a coursework opportunity, these are eight of the leadership skills that you can (and should) develop now.

1. Time management

Studying at university usually involves a long to do list and with classwork, assessments and social commitments all in the mix, learning to effectively manage your time is a valuable skill. Effective time management means that there is no rush and everything you want to get done will be completed, meaning a more enjoyable time studying at CSU.

2. Stress management

Being a student can be stressful and being away from home can at times get a bit too much, especially if university is a new experience. Effective stress management is a great skill to have and can make being at university a fun and successful experience.

3. Conflict management

Sometimes group work while studying can get a bit rough, and not getting on with someone or being involved in conflict can be difficult. Knowing what to do if a conflict arises will help defuse situations, improve relationships with your classmates and help you out in the workforce.

4. Problem-solving

Being a good problem solver is a great skill for a student to have. Problems have to be solved in many aspects of university life and having the knowledge of what to do and how to do it will make your time at uni much more successful.

5. Delegating

Delegation means giving certain tasks to other people in a group. Knowing what to delegate to other people is an important skill and also allows you to understand what strengths and weaknesses the people in your group have. It also allows a task to be completed more efficiently.

6. Goal setting

Goal setting is a very effective way of planning what you want to do and when to have it done by. As a student, setting goals is a great way to do well in coursework as well as planning things like saving money for a new car.

7. Effective communication

We communicate with many people in many ways. Knowing how to communicate effectively is an important skill to have. It is needed in class, talking with your friends, lecturers and contacts.

8. Networking

You will meet many different people at uni. Finding and making contacts with people in the career field you wish to enter is a great first step in your career. Having a good rapport with lecturers, working with different people and knowing what to say is a great skill to possess.

If growing your leadership skills sounds great to you, join the STRIVE program. STRIVE is a CSU Student Leadership Program open to all CSU students. You’ll find many awesome resources to help you learn about leadership and undergo practical tasks to consolidate your learning. Find out more here.

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