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What Foundation Day means to me

What Foundation Day means to me

by Jenna Verhoeven

This year I will be celebrating my second CSU Foundation day! In my first year, I was too focused on starting Uni that I missed Foundation Day. But I didn’t make that mistake the following year, and I’m really glad for it. Here are the reasons why I’ll #celebrateCSU this year:

Skillz that pay tha billz

I can write a mean assignment and sit an exam like a fiend. But I am always looking for ways to improve my academic and professional skills. Foundation Day gives Distance Education students, like myself, an opportunity to attend face-to-face skills workshops.

Workshops for new students include Introductions to Library Research  and Preparing to Study. While for those of us nearing the end, workshops such as Write a Winning Job Application help you navigate the tricky task of applying for your first job in a new career.

Best part? There is no limit as to how many workshops you sit in on, and they are all free!

Mix n mingle

Being a DE student can be isolating at times. Yes, there are discussion boards in all our subjects. Yes, there are great channels like CSUSocial on FB. Sometimes though, it’s nice to meet real-life people!

When I rocked up to Foundation Day in Sydney CBD last year, I just wanted a break from the computer screen! I am pretty sure the people thought it was weird at first; me just showing up wanting to ‘hang out.’ But over the two hours, I got to meet other students and chat with CSU staff. It was a great way to make local contacts and establish relationships with CSU representatives.

Let them eat cake!

Nothing brings a family together like a shared meal. In this case, it’s cake! Smack bang, halfway through the day, nibbles are provided and the official cake cutting happens! And share a #celebrateCSU moment together!

So, I invite all students to step away from the computer and put down the text books. Join an event close to you, put on your finest red apparel, and connect with other students. Foundation Day is as much about the founding of CSU, as it is for us to work on the foundations of our professional and academic pathways!


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