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Meet the CHEERS Team

Meet the CHEERS Team

From a hit of caffeine in the morning to delicious wraps and cakes for lunch, the CHEERS team are constantly looking after our CSU community while creating an enjoyable space to share a meal and a laugh!

The CHEERS staff provide food and beverage services on campus in a relaxed, friendly environment, and now they’ve partnered with CSU Green to help save the environment too.

CHEERS and CSU Green introduced the CSU War on Waste KeepCup Campaign in 2017. In the first 12 months, 80 000 cups were diverted from landfill! This means that if those cups were stacked together, they would stand more than three and a half kilometres high.

“When you put the energy and effort into actively promoting and selling the benefits, they are quick to get on board which has been a real success in changing behaviours,” says Brett Russell, Manager of Food and Beverage Services.

The War on Waste campaign delivered such a significant result that CSU won a national Tertiary Access Group Award for it.

“I’m proud of the inclusive nature of how all the departments have gotten together to get behind an initiative that really works for the University strategy,” says Brett.

The CHEERS team continually work to make their services environmentally-friendly and will always be up for a chat the next time you come around!

Join us this Foundation Day as we celebrate our students, staff and alumni.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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