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NAIDOC Because of her, we can

NAIDOC Because of her, we can

It’s that time of year again to celebrate NAIDOC Week! In 2018, we recognise all the incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have made significant contributions in shaping our communities #becauseofherwecan.

To celebrate, CSU shine light on the influential women in our University at the 2018 CSU NAIODC Awards! Check out the nominees from Wagga Wagga campus:

Dr Faye McMillan (Wiradjuri)
Dr McMillan was the first registered Australian Aboriginal Pharmacist, a founding member of Indigenous Allied Health Australia, sits on many allied health boards and is the Director of the Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) at CSU. Dr McMillan seeks to share her own lived experiences with the hope that it could make a difference and to appreciate the transformative opportunities that education can provide.

Catherine Maxwell
Catherine is the Indigenous Employment Coordinator at CSU and is leading the University’s Reconciliation Action Plan development. Catherine’s leadership in building and advocating for Indigenous recruitment strategies and to retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff is of vital importance to the functioning of the University.

Aunty Kath Withers (Wiradjuri)
Aunty Kath is an inspiring and dedicated supporter of educators in Early Childhood to build their capacity and confidence to implement inclusive practices. This includes sharing her experiences and knowledge through team meetings, Yarning circles, weaving workshops and service visits. Through Aunty Kath’s love for art, she demonstrates how art helps children express themselves, and feel connected with Aboriginal culture.

Aunty Isobel (Wiradjuri)
Aunty Isobel is a member of the Stolen Generation and a Wiradjuri Elder, engaged in many CSU functions to welcome us to country. Isobel represents CSU values and because of her we can better understand the experiences of the Stolen Generation and the wider Wiradjuri community.

Tenayah Kelly
Tenayah is on secondment in the role of Programs Officer (Indigenous) at CSU. Tenayah’s focus is on Indigenous students’ experiences, which she is continually improving by providing F2F information sessions, being available at Ngungilanna Indigenous Student Centre and working with Indigenous Student Centre staff during residential schools on the Wagga Wagga Campus.

Letetia Harris (Wiradjuri)
Letetia has worked relentlessly toward the restoration of Wiradjuri language. She develops strong relationships with her students to provide them with encouragement, guidance and shares the ultimate cultural connection – our language. She provides a learning environment of laughter, respect, lasting relationships and strong community kinship.

Aunty Robyn McMillan
Aunty Robyn McMillan was a Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) lecturer and mentor to an all-Indigenous cohort in Aboriginal culture, Aboriginal Health and Mental Health. Previously being a mature-aged student herself, she is an inspiration to all women with families who want to study and have a career.

Kristy-Lee Wickey
Kirsty is a mum of three children and recently graduated from her Bachelor of Nursing degree, with further studies upcoming to become an Indigenous midwife. Kristy is proof that you can accomplish your dreams and be a mum at the same time.

Edna May Jones “Mumma”
Mumma opened Ngungilanna – the CSU Indigenous Student Centre at Wagga Campus in 1994. Since the opening, CSU has seen 723 Indigenous students graduate from Wagga Wagga. We acknowledge Mumma Jones for contributing to the Academic Success of so many Indigenous students and for her influential legacy to continue.

Aunty Gail Manderson (Wiradjuri)
Aunty Gail recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage as a mature-aged student. She has been giving back to our community by working in local primary schools and teaching our children to keep the Wiradjuri Language alive. Within CSU, she visits the Indigenous Student Centre, holds workshops on cooking and weaving, and delivers the welcome to country at CSU events.

We thank these women for their efforts, passion and commitment to improving opportunities for Indigenous staff and students in CSU. Visit the NAIDOC Awards Ceremony on your campus this week!

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