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On-campus timetables are getting better!

On-campus timetables are getting better!

View your on-campus timetable from Monday 25 June.

The new MyTimetable tool is going to make planning your on-campus classes simpler and easier… #winning!

So, what’s new?

  1. All subjects, one timetable
    Say goodbye to sifting through subjects from all courses and campuses just to find what you need. MyTimetable is personalised to you. Now, the subjects you have enrolled in will appear in one timetable for you to easily see all lectures, tutorials, practicals and classes that you need to attend.
  2. Sign-up to classes
    The race to pick the right tutorial time has never been easier! Most subjects will be allowing you to sign-up to your preferred classes through MyTimetable. With a timetable tailored just for you, you will be ever-ready for Session 2. 
  3. It’s a timetable on-the-go
    From your phone or tablet to PC or Mac, MyTimetable will be accessible on all devices. You can enjoy the convenience of your timetable anywhere, anytime.

Get excited about being organised next semester and add these dates to your diary:

  • Monday 25 June – view your Session 2 timetable
  • Monday 2 July – sign-up to classes

Jump on MyTimetable for more info about the new tool.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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