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Are you eligible for travel concessions?

Are you eligible for travel concessions?

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Transport NSW changes have come into effect this month following an IPART review of rural and regional bus fares.

The good news is for many students, the changes will actually reduce fares, as long as you hold a Transport Concession Entitlement Card.

In Wagga Wagga, local bus service Busabout has been offering unofficial discounts to students and staff who presented a CSU Card, but this option is no longer possible under the new regulations. The only way to claim a discount under the new pricing structure is to hold an official concession card.

So what does this mean for you?

I am a domestic student eligible for a NSW Transport concession

Great news! Your fares will actually be cheaper under the new model.

For example, a fare from Baylis Street in Wagga Wagga to the CSU campus will now cost you $1.70, compared to $3 under the old pricing. The price of a ticket from Kooringal to CSU will drop from $3.70 to $2.40.

I am an international student

International students will no longer be able to receive a transport discount through showing their CSU Card. This means international students, and CSU staff, will need to pay the full adult fare.

A fare from Baylis Street to CSU will go up from $3 to $3.40, while passengers travelling from Kooringal to CSU will now pay $4.90 instead of $3.70.

International students who are fully funded through Australian Government scholarships may still be eligible to apply for a concession. To check eligibility, read the NSW Tertiary Student concessions guidelines.

For information on price changes for the specific routes you travel, contact your local bus company.

If you haven’t applied for a concession yet, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and submit an application to continue enjoying the discounted fares. More information about how to do this is available on the ASK CSU Knowledgebase.

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