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Are you ready? Four things you should do before uni starts

Are you ready? Four things you should do before uni starts

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1. Order your CSU Card

If you haven’t done this already, now’s the time! Your CSU Card is so much more than just a student ID. You’ll need it to:

  • access buildings like your dorm or block if you live on campus, plus labs, 24-hour study spaces and the gym (or pool if you’re at Wagga Wagga Campus!)
  • use as photo ID when you have exams
  • borrow materials from the library
  • score student discounts at businesses in town, like the movies
  • load with money so you can do your printing or buy coffee or snacks on campus without carrying cash.

If you haven’t ordered your card yet, upload a photo and get the process started now!

2. Be prepared for anything

Much as you’ll try to avoid it, there could be a time when you’ve locked yourself out of your room, you spot some not-so-friendly wildlife on your walk to class, or you’d like someone to walk you to your car after studying in the Learning Commons after dark. Who do you call? The helpful team at Security! Check out the CSUSafe system and register for your campus on your smartphone, then you can contact security in an emergency at the touch of a button or see who to call for less-urgent help. You’ll also get text message notifications of any issues on campus, like unexpected power outages.

3. Make some connections

CSU welcomes students from all over the world each session, so if you’re feeling like a newbie who doesn’t know anyone, you’re certainly not alone! Try joining some Facebook Groups like CSUSocial, check whether there’s a Mentoring group for your course, and “like” pages that are relevant to you, such as CSU Sport or your campus SRC. There’s also an Online Study SRC for online students, so you can share experiences with other people who know just what that juggling act can be like. You can also make some great connections with other students in your residence on campus, coming along to O Week activities, or introduce yourself on your subject forums on Interact2.

4. Boost your skills

You’ll probably get the same advice from lots of people… and that’s probably because it’s good advice! Don’t wait until three weeks into session when the assessments are piling up to get help. If you’re not sure how to tackle referencing or you’re having trouble getting your essays to flow, check out all the free help on offer. Online workshops run nearly every day on a range of study skills topics so you can make sure you’ve got the basics sorted. If you’re wanting a little more depth, check out the Study Link subjects on offer. If you’re an online student, you can also book a face-to-face workshop or appointment with the CSU Outreach team – like a little piece of CSU coming to a town near you! Check the schedule to see when they may be visiting your area next.

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