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Seven tips for a winning scholarship application

Seven tips for a winning scholarship application

Should you apply for a scholarship? Apply!

Every year CSU receives more than 8,000 scholarship applications. That’s a lot, right? So within that enormous pile of scholarship applications, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd and get you those well-needed dollars?

Well, you don’t need to be an essay writer to win a scholarship. Nor do you need to be the world’s best student. But one thing’s for sure, you do need to apply! Follow these tips to create a winning scholarship application.

  1. Research

Read the scholarship criteria and guidelines carefully, making sure you don’t waste time applying for anything you’re actually not eligible for.

  1. Start early

Make a note of when you need to have your application in by, and start drafting your application early, leaving enough time for editing later on.

  1. Follow directions

Read and answer ALL of the questions in the application. The more info you provide about yourself, the more likely you’ll be successful.

  1. Provide documents

Unfortunately this one isn’t avoidable. You have to submit the relevant documents, which we all know can be a hassle if you’re disorganised and have no idea where to start looking. But if you want that cash you’d better start digging. If you don’t include documents such as your resume, evidence of your ATAR and financial need then you’ll be removed from the pile. (Extra tip – your mum probably knows where some of these documents are!).

  1. Put your best foot forward

Think of it this way, if you were applying for a job you’d go your hardest because you need a job to get by, right? Well, a scholarship serves the same purpose, it’s going to support you through uni. So share your achievements, volunteering and work experience!

  1. Include a personal statement

Share how great you are! Include what the scholarship money would go towards and how it would help you reach your goals. Give an insight into your personality and passion.

  1. Edit

As uni students, you should never submit anything without proofreading first. The same goes here; read your application over and make sure it actually makes sense. If you’re comfortable, you can even ask a friend, family member or lecturer to proof it for you.

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