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Why you shouldn’t forget about your degree over the holidays

Why you shouldn’t forget about your degree over the holidays

CSU student in the library.
CSU student in the library.

Assessments complete. Exams finished. Holiday booked. Ah, isn’t it great to take a break from study and forget about uni for a few weeks …

Yes we all deserve a well-earned break, but let’s not get too carried away. While holidays are ideal to get some time away from study, zone out and focus on other aspects of your life, University breaks can actually be one of the best times to reconnect with your degree – without pressure, deadlines or complicated timetables. And here’s how:


Put theory into practice while you have free time over the break and try your hand at interning or work experience. This is a great way to boost your skills, increase your knowledge to benefit your studies and maintain active with your degree without feeling like you’re at University. Plus, it’s a great way to make industry contacts.

Reflect on past exams or assignments

The first thing many of us like to do after an exam is completely forget about it! But we know the results are coming. A good way to keep active in your studies over the holidays is to reflect on your assessments by taking on board the marker’s feedback – good or bad. Sometimes all it takes is a break and a new perspective to see your own errors. If you didn’t do as well as you thought, try re-doing the task while the information is still fresh.

Start preparing for the next semester

This tip is especially handy for the mid-year break when we have a few weeks down time before a brand new semester and brand new subjects begin. The subject outlines generally become available two weeks prior to the start of the session, so print them out, sit down with a highlighter and start mapping out your study routine. Make note of assessment due dates, text books you’re going to need and make your study schedule. Most importantly, read your assessment items to get a feel of what’s required. If you can, start writing down some ideas to make it easier when you actually have to start. But if you can’t, don’t freak out. You’ll learn all the info you need once Session 2 begins.

Attend Residential School (if you can)

Students studying subjects through CSU online can attend res schools in the holidays – a one to five day period of face-to-face learning activities based on subjects within your degree. Aside from learning practical skills and understanding subject content, you can meet classmates, academics and stay involved in your degree.

Completely switching off from your studies means it’s harder to return after a break, so keeping on top of little things can make it easier to fall back into a study routine.

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