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What is Interact 2?

What is Interact 2?

by Amy Carlon

If you’re starting your first year of study at CSU, you might have heard of Interact2.

But what is Interact2?

Interact 2 is your online learning hub for all of your classes where you can go for anything related to your subjects. If you click on a subject, you’ll find all of the subject content such as lectures, subject outlines, modules, assignment submission, resources and much more.

It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you know how to navigate Interact2, it will aid your studies at CSU (and pretty much become your bible).

Here is a quick guide to Interact2 and what it all means:

Subject outline

Here you’ll find all of the details about the subjects you’re studying. It includes your lecturer’s details, topics, textbooks required, assessments and their due dates.

Tip: print this off and have it handy. It’s your go-to for any information you need about your subjects.

Learning modules

These are more common for CSU online subjects, but will contain all of your weekly content for each topic.


This should contain any files you need for studying, assignments and exams such a readings, slideshows and subject notes.


This feature is linked to your email, and is an easy way for your lecturers to communicate any information to you.

EASTS/ My Grades

Through EASTS you’ll upload, submit and get feedback from the majority of your assessments. My Grades will contain all of your assessment marks.


Lectures are able to set up tests that you’ll take in regards to class content via this site. You’ll learn more about this throughout the session.

Online meetings

This is a great feature for online students as it allows you, your lecturer and fellow online classmates to catch up and discuss class content verbally through Adobe Connect. It’s a good way to chat to your lecturer in real time and get any clarification.

CSU replay

CSU replay stores all recorded lectures and online meetings. If you’re studying online, then this will definitely be available to you. But if you’re studying on campus, this feature may not be available, depending on your lecturer’s preference.

So don’t be afraid, Interact2 will soon become your best-friend.

If you need help navigating the CSU website or Interact2, head to AskCSU or call Student Central on 1800 275 278.

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