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STRIVE – to develop student leaders at CSU

STRIVE – to develop student leaders at CSU

CSU student leader at the student leadership conference
CSU student leader at the student leadership conference. Image: OFS

Are you an aspiring leader? Or maybe you’re just looking to develop your leadership skills to enhance your employability skills ahead of graduation. CSU is currently in the pilot stages of STRIVE, a CSU Student Leadership Program.

Developed using SSAF-funding, STRIVE is a Student Leadership Program giving students the opportunity to learn how to become effective leaders. It also helps you be recognised for the leadership you’re already showing at CSU.

SSAF funding is used by CSU to maintain and enhance services for students, such as programs like this! Here’s a little bit more about STRIVE:

What is it?

The CSU Student Leadership Program gives student leaders the chance to develop their leadership skills. Eligible students have been invited to participate in the pilot.

How is it done?

The program includes 10 modules, covering areas such as individual leadership, group leadership, community leadership and self-awareness. Students will complete 30 hours of practical leadership experience as well as the online modules in Interact2, which can be completed at the participant’s own pace.

How does it benefit students?

Students who complete the program will be acknowledged for their work in CSU student leadership roles, and develop skills valuable in the workforce. A Certificate of Leadership will also be provided to students who complete the program.

We caught up with a CSU leader and Bachelor of Psychology student, Dannielle, to find out how she plans to use her skills from the program once she graduates.

1. What leadership roles have you been involved in?

I am President of the SRC, Vice-President of the Student Senate, I sit on the Board of Psychology, I am a Future Moves volunteer and have been an O Week Coordinator for the past two years.

2. What do you think is the best thing about STRIVE?

STRIVE is aimed at recognising the amazing work done by all students in leadership roles. In previous years, a lot of hard work would go unrecognised as there was no way of representing leadership skills other than having multiple certificates.

This new program will potentially allow students to be officially recognised and have the program included on their AHEGS statement when they graduate.

3. How will you take your leaderships skills into the workforce after graduation?

I believe that no matter what career path or profession you take, there is always a leadership role in the workforce. As a psychologist I would love to make a difference in the area of mental health, particularly youth. It’s a growing area of interest in Australia, so it would be amazing to enhance and help improve this area in psychology.

Being able to make a difference and help improve in any area is a major part of leadership.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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