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You know you’re a Wagga Wagga student when…

You know you’re a Wagga Wagga student when…

CSU student sitting on top of Beauty Point in Wagga Wagga
CSU student sitting on top of Beauty Point in Wagga Wagga. Image source: Mitch Lamm

All CSU campuses are unique in the experiences they offer and the personality they present. However, there some things that only students in Wagga Wagga can relate to about uni life in such a rural yet surprisingly busy town.

You know you’re a Wagga student when…

You have to stop in the middle of the road for a kangaroo

You know the campus has families of kangaroos that don’t care about road rules or even try to use the pedestrian crossings. They seem to think they own the road, crossing anywhere and everywhere.

You get a text for a hub lunch

Hub lunches are essential after class, on a hot day or even just to catch up with friends. That “hub lunch?” message is a classic mid-week catch up session with your uni friends that you can never turn down.

The Bridge is closed

First of all, when someone refers to ‘the Bridge’, you know it’s the ‘Gobba’ Bridge. Second of all, you never, ever, call it the Gobbagombalin Bridge. Whether you find out via Facebook or find out for yourself when you have to take a detour, the ‘Gobba’ Bridge is a nightmare after a crash or during roadworks. And even though it’s only an extra 10 minutes, you’re probably already late to class, so now you’re even more stressed.

You travel in groups to town

If you don’t have a car, getting to and from town is a trek and a half (especially if the bridge is closed). Car-pooling to town is almost essential to save time and petrol.

You watch the stars from the sundial

On a moonless night in Wagga, millions of stars can be seen. The sundial is a known spot to star gaze on campus and admire the view of the town all lit up too. It’s located just off the pathway from Murrumbidgee Village to The Hub.

You spend an entire day at the pool

Most students don’t know this but Wagga Wagga is the only CSU campus that has a pool. You know you’re a Wagga student if you spend the majority of the summer here. Post-exam pool chills is easily the best time of year.

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