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5 ways to celebrate the end of exams

5 ways to celebrate the end of exams

Celebrate End of Exams (GO OUTSIDE)

We are on the home stretch to finishing uni for another year and are set to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. With only a few days left of the exam period we will soon all be able to breathe easy! If you’re like me and still have exams to sit or if you just haven’t been able to celebrate just yet, here are some fun ideas that will help you to rejoice to the end of another great year!

Take a nanna nap

I know it seems silly, but all of that brain exercise has made me sleepy! Enjoy your first guilt-free / procrastination-free nap! This is a great way to start your holidays, by allowing your body to recover from all of the late night study sessions and missed sleep.
Catch up with friends
Having a social life during exams is almost impossible, so why not celebrate the end of your last exam with all of those friends you haven’t been able to catch up with lately. Whether you’ve just been too busy to hang out, or live away from home during the session, sometimes the best way to celebrate is to let your hair down and have a good laugh with your friends!

Go outside

I don’t mean to sound like your parent, but I think it could have been a while since you’ve seen some daylight. Why not go for an adventure and find a cool new hang out spot? Or if you already have one, bring along a friend who has just finished exams too and relax together! Please stay safe, and avoid potentially dangerous places… even if the view is super cool!

Destroy your study notes

One of the most therapeutic rituals after a long year of exams and assessments, is burning all of those obsolete study notes! It closely compares to the satisfaction when wearing a brand new pair of socks, sleeping in fresh bed sheets (thanks mum), and waking up before your alarm. As long as they are no longer needed, gather up your old notes, some friends (optional) and a safe fire place. Make sure to check prior to your bonfire for local fire restrictions.

Have a mini binge

When the weather is not suitable for an outdoor adventure, why not catch up on all of those movies and television shows you have restrained yourself from watching? Whether it be the new Netflix Marvel Series or Disney’s Shrek (for the one billionth time), allow yourself to spend the day with a guilt-free movie marathon. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

Congratulations for completing another amazing year, and good luck for the next!

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