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The CSU Tweed Ride Is Here!

The CSU Tweed Ride Is Here!

by Angus Morrissey

Calling all CSU students and staff in Bathurst and Wagga Wagga! Do you enjoy cycling? Perhaps you possess a love for age-old food and tea? Or want to see the circus? If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned, then the CSU Green Tweed Ride is for you! Now, calm down for a second as your local campus event won’t have all these elements… so I’ll explain what’ll be specifically happening at each location…

Tweed Ride Tuesday 20 September

Bathurst Tweed Ride and Fair

If you’re in Bathurst on Tuesday September 20, accompany CSU Green on the university library lawn at 12pm for a bike ride led by the professionals at John Kitchen Cycles. Following the ride, you’ll be able to savour a plethora of timeless, mouth-watering food; bop to some funky tunes; and feast your eyes on the breath-taking circus – all at the fair which ends at 2:30pm.

If you have spare change, fundraisers will be roaming around in the hope of collecting a wealth of money – with all proceeds going towards MS Ride.

If you’re a stall junkie who wants to prepare your wallet early, here’s a list of the most notable organisations that will be on hand:

  • Wheeler Cycles
  • John Kitchen Bicycles
  • Cheers
  • Central Western Group (CWA)
  • The Junktion
  • Tweed Baby Outfitters
  • CSU Global

Tweed Ride Wednesday 21 September

Wagga Wagga Tweed Ride and High Tea

For all you Wagga Wagga folk, your time is on Wednesday 21 September. Before the 12pm start, join the CSU Green crew at The Hub and stretch up ready for your own Tweed Ride! Arrive draped in your tweed and vintage attire, and get ready to cycle!

If you’re not the pedal to the metal type, you can enjoy the surrounds of the university by partaking in a relaxing walk around campus. Better yet, there is also FREE high tea available for visitors after their ride or walk – so what’s not to love? Even at midday in spring, Wagga Wagga can get incredibly chilly – so make sure that you enjoy your favourite cuppa with a few friends, you won’t regret it! Bring a gold coin along also as all money raised will go towards the Wagga Women’s Health Centre.

Away from the main event on Wednesday, a prelude to the festivities is occurring on Tuesday 20 September. At 7:30am, students and staff are given the opportunity to meet with the CSU Green gang at the Trail Street Coffee Shop, before embarking on a group cycle to the university. Upon arrival, generous servings of breakfast will also be provided at The Hub, so it’s your lucky day!

So, regardless of whether you’re an on campus or online student, make sure you get down to these exciting events. If you’re tied to work or Mum’s making you do chores, don’t stress. You can join in on the fun by using the hashtag #CSUtweed on Facebook to post a photo onto the CSU Tweed Ride event page and CSU Green fan page of you cycling or in your favourite tweed outfit. Don’t miss out!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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