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Paramedic students to the rescue in London

Paramedic students to the rescue in London

Paramedicine student Nathan Ross is one of 15 CSU students currently in London dealing with heart attacks, breathing problems, stabbings, falls and mental health patients on a daily basis.

He’s taking part in a month-long international work placement with the London Ambulance Service (LAS).

The 15-member student group arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) in early August and were introduced to the Service, which is hailed as the busiest in the UK.

Rostered on day, evening and night shifts, the students are now working alongside London paramedics out of specially designated ambulance training stations. They’re each allocated a clinical mentor, many of whom are Australian.

CSU paramedic students enjoy the sights of London
CSU paramedic students during their visit to London

Nathan, from CSU Port Macquarie said, “London has given me the opportunity to interact with a multitude of cultures and people of diverse backgrounds.

“It’s presented me with practical communication challenges but also avenues to get around them.

“I have had the opportunity to work alongside many paramedics in a variety of trauma situations, and with patients with medical complaints, mental health cases and much more.

“I am grateful to have had this international experience as it’s developed my communication, clinical practice and teamwork skills to prepare me for a job in 2017.”

On-hand to watch over the students on their final ambulance clinical placement is Ms Tania Johnston, lecturer in paramedicine in the School of Biomedical Sciences.

“As expected, the students have been called out across London to a variety of jobs ranging from falls to mental health issues and serious traumas,” Ms Johnston said.

“A couple of our students have assisted with serious trauma jobs involving helicopter responses as well as cardiac arrests and very confronting self-harm cases.”

Ms Johnston said, “I have been contacted by Station Officers when the paramedic students are involved in responding to critical incidents.

“I’ve facilitated numerous casual group debriefings with the students and I am impressed with their ability to reflect on their work practice.

“They are very open about their responses to emotional and physical trauma, death and critical incidents.

“This is an important time in their paramedic education when they apply theory to practice and they need to feel supported by the ambulance service and Charles Sturt University.

“Many of the students are keen to work in London and have had the chance to talk with our graduates now employed by the Service.

“They’re optimistic that they can secure employment prior to returning and completing their degree.”

The four-week clinical placement with the London Ambulance Service is supported by CSU Global, if you’d like to get an international study experience, get in touch and find out what’s on offer for your course. 

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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