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Five things I wish I knew in first year

Five things I wish I knew in first year

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Being a first-year uni student might sound scary, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and the good news is that you will survive!

In first year, you’ll be learning about your career, as well as learning all about university life, how to make your timetable, how to submit an assignment, how to get to the lecture theatre and where to go to eat! On top of that, it could also be your first time moving out of home, away from your parents – so it’s a big learning experience!

Here are some of the things I wish I’d known in my first year:

Take advantage of the facilities

CSU has a wide range of facilities available for students. The library is available 24/7 with computers, printers and cafes open during study hours. Each campus has Wi-Fi – you just need to use your CSU login and you’re set. Not only this, you’ll also have free entry into the gym, and the swimming pool at Wagga Wagga Campus during the summer.

Join the social activities

Studying at uni will be one of the most fun times of your life. Live it up! Make sure you attend all the O-Week activities, including the night events. CSU often has themed nights like Hawaiian, Zombie or trivia nights that help make friends. Don’t be shy either. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so the more social you are, the more likely you are to make friends at uni.

Your lecturers are there to help

You’ll have a lecturer for each of your subjects. These people are there to help! The first time you look at your subject outline, you might be a bit nervous, but the lecturer is handy to send through any questions you have about the subject. Remember, they’re not just there to grade your assignments and exams, they’re there to help educate you in your chosen area and they want to see you succeed.

Borrow your textbooks

When purchasing textbooks, it can add up to an expensive shopping trip! Instead, check whether your textbooks are available to borrow from the library. This is something I wish I’d known earlier! The best thing to do is jump on the CSU Library website, head to Primo Search and type in the textbook you need to borrow. Even if you can’t find the most up-to-date edition, sometimes borrowing the previous one is OK too – just check with your lecturer to see if using another edition is OK for the subject content, and note the page numbers could be different.

Enjoy your breaks

In your first year, you might feel like you should be studying during the holidays. Study is good, yes, but you also need to enjoy your holidays, because trust me, they don’t last long! So maybe do some catch-up work, but don’t forget to relax on your uni breaks!

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