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Scholarship process ‘a humbling experience’

Scholarship process ‘a humbling experience’

Sorca Hubbuck

With scholarship ceremonies being held at CSU this month, we sat down with Sorca Hubbuck from the Bathurst Campus to talk about the process of applying and what it means to be receiving a scholarship.

What are you studying and what year are you in?

I’m studying a Bachelor of Communication (Theatre / Media) and I’m in my final year of study (third year).

What scholarship will you be receiving?

I’m receiving the Blair Milan Memorial Scholarship awarded to a third year student who demonstrates a love for theatre and a passion to pursue a career in the arts. Blair Milan was a Theatre / Media student at CSU whose talents, work ethic and unwavering positive attitude have left an indelible impact on the course itself. The scholarship serves to honour Blair’s memory and support a student in their final year so they can focus on achieving and creating.

What was the process like to apply?

The application process includes an essay answering the question “Who Was Blair Milan?” To answer this question I reached out to members of Blair’s family, his past lecturers and friends in order to gain a sense of who Blair was and his impact on the course. It was a humbling experience and the process for this scholarship is definitely much more personal than any other application.

After getting through the application round I was shortlisted and had an interview with two of Blair’s peers and his mother.

How did it feel to find out you would be the recipient?

It was an incredibly humbling moment. I feel very honoured to have even been considered. During the application process I was touched by the stories I heard about Blair and could see the impact he has had on so many people’s lives. To even be considered for this scholarship was a real achievement for me.

What will this scholarship mean for you?

This scholarship allows me to focus on my final year, and particularly on my major work for second session, without the added pressure of having to work two jobs in order to stay financially afloat. It also enables me to focus on the goals I have set myself in University this year and completely devote my attention to them. I also hope I will be able to put some of the money aside to aid me in future internships, which hopefully will in turn help me as I transition into the professional world.

Anything you’d like to say to the people responsible for awarding you the scholarship?

Lyndey (Milan) and John Caldon have given me an incredible opportunity to confront my potential in my final year of studying and have taken away the added pressure of financial worries. To be receiving this scholarship, which stands as a testimony to Blair’s contribution and impact on Theatre / Media, is one of the biggest achievements I have made in my time at CSU. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart and will use this money wisely to continue to achieve and support myself. I was truly touched by the stories and memories people who were close with Blair shared with me during the application process, particularly by his unwavering positive attitude, which he cultivated in all areas of life. I move forward taking this positive attitude with me.

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