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Five types of students you’ll meet at uni

Five types of students you’ll meet at uni

the sports jock, the party animal, the lazy one, the musician, the activist, the geek

Captain Popular

No one knows who they are. No one knows where they came from. But somehow everyone knows their name and loves their sense of humour and wants to be their best friend. They can usually be identified by their semi-constant hangover caused by having too many parties to go to, and too many friends. Other features include: being able to pull off wearing thongs and not looking lazy, carrying almost nothing with them (who knows where they keep their books), and wearing sunglasses year round. Note: each faculty has their own breed of Captain Popular, so you can never be certain if you have seen them around campus.

The Teacher

We all know them. That one person, or often those few people, in your class who are planning to become teachers. They’re everywhere. In every faculty. Science degrees: they’re in there. Arts degrees: they’re in there. Education degrees: they’re (obviously) in there. These students are usually pretty relaxed, not into law breaking because they can’t have a criminal record, and are only really identifiable when everyone has a chat about what they plan to do after their degree.

The Mature Aged Student

These people are most definitely the nicest people you will ever meet at uni. There is no definite reason for this. Perhaps it’s life experience. Perhaps they are older and wiser. Maybe, just maybe, juggling four kids, a partner, a job, and uni has taught them a thing or two. Whatever it is, they always seem to be willing to lend a hand to any of their classmates. They can be identified by their constant preparedness and their even more constant (and sometimes off topic) questions in tutorials. But this slight annoyance will be more than forgiven when they lend you a spare pen every single week, and lend you money when you forget to bring lunch.

The Out-of-Towner

Guaranteed to be super nice, this particular type of student can be difficult to identify, but a keen eye may spot their higher-than-average rates of wearing rugby jerseys and their slight accent. They are typically excellent drinking buddies, always ready for uni nights and Friday unwinds. Their domestically foreign upbringing has almost certainly provided them with extensive interesting, and probably slightly out-there, stories to tell. These are the people you want to be partnered with in a getting-to-know-you activity, their country wit and their sparkling eyes will have you in stitches.

The City Slicker

This interesting breed of student can be identified by their disorientation at the small size of their new campus, confusion about how many stars are in the sky and the constant birdsong, and seemingly unending questions along the lines of “wait, you don’t have that here?”, even though they have been living wherever “here” is for a month. Be patient with these ones. You never know when you will visit their homeland, in need of restaurant recommendations or advice on how to navigate the hook turns of Melbourne.

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