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The Lego Farmer

The Lego Farmer

How great is Lego? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us folks spent many hours creating architectural masterpieces with it as kids (or adults, don’t deny it!).

Talented CSU Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management student Aimee Snowden has taken this love of Lego, her creativity, and passion for the Aussie agriculture industry one step further to create one of the coolest blogs I’ve seen in a long time! Guys, do yourselves a favour and check out the Lego Farmer.


The blog tells the narrative of a true Australian countryman – the Lego Farmer – with his Akubra, khaki overalls and a big happy smile.

Aimee regularly posts stunning macro images of the Lego Farmer in everyday situations on the farm – whether it be sowing lucerne or germinating clover, she’s got it covered: ‘I created the Lego Farmer to connect with others about the value of Australian agriculture’.

Not only is Aimee creating highly entertaining (and ridiculously adorable) content, she is sharing a very important message to her thousands of followers – the necessity for environmental sustainability.

Aimee currently lives on her family farm at Tocumwal in southern NSW, and studies via Distance Education with CSU. As a farm girl herself, she understands the need to promote and create awareness of the agricultural industry in order to engage with future generations, rightfully stating that ‘the children we educate today will be the consumers of 2050.’

As silly as it may seem, as consumers we sometimes forget that the produce we see on the shelves of Woolies hasn’t just magically appeared, that there are farmers out there working extremely hard to provide Australian consumers with those goods – and this needs to be celebrated.

So my fellow CSU comrades, get involved – buy Aussie grown goods, follow Aimee on social media, do some research into Australian farming and sustainability and maybe even dust of your own Lego and join Aimee in her ever-expanding Lego movement.

We can’t wait to see what the Lego Farmer gets up to next!

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