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10 Tips for a distraction free study session

10 Tips for a distraction free study session


We’re into week four of the session now and for a lot of students the mid-session exams are looming. Even though I know I need to get some study done, there’s always so much other stuff that gets in the way – the dog throws up on the carpet, piles of dirty laundry up to the ceiling… it never ends!

I’m thinking of all the study I wish I’d packed into last week, preparation for res school and the thousand-and-one things I should have done before today… so from now on for the time you finally get to sit down and study, I’ve developed ten tips to help you (and me!) get into your study AND use the time wisely.

1. Turn off your phone: ever been studying hard, an exam less than a week away… then guess what – your phone buzzes in your pocket? Big distraction!Animation: woman using mobile phone

2. Avoid social media while studying: log off your Facebook account, Twitter, etc. It’s easier to be distracted on Facebook while trying to study because it’s right on your computer. Just log off, and focus on the task in front of you.3. Get a good café coffee! Coffee in moderation really does help the brain, as well as preventing cardiac disease and diabetes. No reason why you can’t have some fun while you study.Animation: Man drinking coffee

4. Study on your own: group study is a great idea, but there’s never a lot of serious study that happens unless your whole group are hard-core academics! If you want to get some quality work done, do it on your own.Animation: woman reading in a library5. Find a quiet place to study, preferably with a good view. This provides a distraction-free environment, as well as a peaceful, natural place to rest your eyes away from your screen or spidery hand-written notes.

Animation: Smiling cartoon character

6. Prepare all the things you think you’ll need before you start. If you have to get up to find something, your train of thought is broken and it’s harder to get back into it again.<!––>

7. Get into a comfortable position on a cushion, beanbag or armchair before you start. You won’t get very far with study if you keep having to shifting positions to get comfy.

Animation: Man buried in cushions

8. A big plus in study is relaxation, so try and take it easy. Nothing goes into a tense or stressed mind and stays there very long.distraction9. Turn your music on or off as you need to. Some people can work with music and some can’t. If you can’t, don’t work with music going, it distracts more than helps. If you must, listen to something classical like Bach or Mozart to get the creative juices flowing.Animation: Barak Obama listening to musicAnd last, but not least:

  1. Reward yourself with something nice and chocolatey when you’re done. You’re more likely to successfully fool your brain into some real work if there’s something in it for you when you’re finished!

Animation: Chocolate mousse being eaten with a fork

Good luck!

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