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5 ways to overcome the end-of-session uni blues​

5 ways to overcome the end-of-session uni blues​

It’s week 12: everything is due, procrastination is in full force and sleep is minimal. Here are some simple tips to be on top of your game for the final weeks of the session…

1. Try and keep it positive. Sure, you might have two essays, a blog post and a twenty minute presentation due in the next four days, but think about how good you’re going to feel on day five!

Animation: Oprah Winfrey pumping her fist in the air 

2. Have some veggies. They are good for you, end of story.

Animation: Baby refusing to be spoon fed

3. Call mum and have a de-brief. Sure, you’re 21 and independent… but how good does it feel to have a rant to mum?

Animation: Woman winking and shrugging

4. Go outside and do some exercise. Being active not only helps cancel out the midnight snacks, but significantly helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Animation: excited dog jumping near door. Text: Wanna go for a walk?

5. Get a good nights sleep. Your brain (and assessment results) will thank you!

Animation: Cartoon of a girl asleep

And remember, you’ve almost made it through Session 1 2015!

Animation: Smiling man saying yes

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