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5 renting hacks for uni students

Charlie contributor, Charlotte Penhall, just moved in to her first rental property. Read her top tips and advice for uni students ready to make that move...

A student’s guide to finding the right rental

Written by Craig Dixon Whether it is your first time living away from home, the latest in a long line of moves, or just a temporary stay whilst on placement, over the course of your studies there is a good chance that you may find yourself one of...

Student studying in rental home

How to secure your first rental

Whether you’re fleeing the coop to start a new adventure at university, moving off campus to a share house, or have recently graduated and now have to ‘adult’, finding the right place to live can be tough. Finding somewhere that’s not too...

illustration of boxes and belongings piled up

Moving mid-session: how I did it and you can do it better

It’s the nature of renting, really. It can be annoying and uncomfortable, or cosy and creative, but ultimately it’s pretty impermanent. Leases run out. Roommates go rogue and skip out on you. You discover one too many cracks in the wall or there’s a...

illustration of a house and garden

Rad rules for first time renters

Renting. Your own place. It’s one of the final frontiers of adulthood. But one that people never really tell you much about. There are so many tricky things to look out for, and no real guide to being a grown up to help you through it. So...

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