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Panicking over maths? You’re not alone!

Written by Catherine Mallia Maths phobia is real and is likely affecting your performance in subjects relying on it. The good news is, it may have more to do with what we tell ourselves, than our actual abilities. “This subject has a lot of maths in...

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Six ways to get better at maths

Having some maths skills under your belt goes a long way at uni. Whether it’s interpreting basic numbers and statistics, or doing advanced algebra, you’re likely to run into subjects that need numeracy knowledge. You can become better at maths with...

Could you save on your HECS?

Could you save on your HECS?

Studying maths, science, teaching, nursing, midwifery or early childhood? You need to know about the HECS-HELP Benefit! This is a special shout-out to all maths, science, nursing, midwifery and early childhood students, particularly those who might...

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