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After Hours: Emerging Professionals Panel Event

As apart of their final assessment, After Hours is hosting an emerging professional Zoom Event. Featuring a relaxed panel discussion, join the team in your comfiest pants and bring your favourite drink & nibbles to learn anything and everything...

Humans of Charles Sturt: Cody Forrester

'My proudest accomplishment would be becoming the first in my entire family line to get into university. It was a very happy day for me that merely a year or so before felt impossible.'

Country Universities Centre: Living Remotely

James Schumann is one of the students who uses the Country Universities Centre to complete his Bachelor of Education (K-12) here at Charles Sturt. Here, he talks about living remotely, and how the CUC has helped him continue his studies without the...

You better bee-lieve it: World Bee Day 2023

"Not only do bees provide us with honey, but they are also responsible for nearly two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural production. Bees pollinate the crops we eat and the crops of our livestock." Sustainability Advisor and president of the Enviro...

IDAHOBIT??? What’s That?!

Every year on the May 17, we celebrate IDAHOBIT Day. But what exactly is that? Elijah Fountain explains what IDAHOBIT Day is, what it involves and how we can call take part.

International Nurses Day 2023

Today is Interational Nurses Day 2023. In her first year of Nursing, Bronte tells us all about the significance of the day and why she chose to become a nurse.

Country Universities Centre: Distance & Online Studying

'There have been many times I have struggled over things, feeling silly and not wanting to ask for fear of looking foolish, but you can always guarantee  someone else is thinking the same thing but is too scared to ask. " Dianne Whittle shares her...

Humans of Charles Sturt: Ash Corby

'As a child, I wanted to be a professional athlete but back when I was growing up girls didn’t receive the same kind of recognition as men, so back then it was only a dream to get paid to play sport. ‘

A Working Holiday Down Under

After Valerie Chen shared her life as a vendor in Taiwan, we follow the next stage of her life where she travelled to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

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