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people with laptops sitting around a table

Beginners guide to choosing a computer for uni

Whether this is your first venture into university or study, or you are returning after a long absence, one of the common questions asked is “what computer should I get?” This article is a no-nonsense guide to explain the tech jargon and help you...

people with laptops sitting around a table

How to: choosing a new computer

It’s the start of the year and the most common question I see in forums and groups is: what computer should I get? This is a really ambiguous question because there are just so many options! So, here are my tips to make the best decision: #1 What is...

5 free CSU resources for online students

If you are an online student, there are FREE resources available from CSU just for you! Here are five tips on how to use your CSU student access to maximise your studies: 1. Free WIFI access Did you know that CSU is part of the Eduroam network...

Be happy with tech

Never lose your work again!

Have you ever been in the situation where you have lost your USB drive? Or had your computer freeze up or die on you right when you needed it? Or would you like the flexibility of accessing your files anywhere? The Cloud is just what you need to...

Six tips on buying a computer for study

It is that exciting time of the year where future students are receiving their offers to study, others may be returning to study, and you may be wondering “what sort of computer do I need?”. Here are some tips to make your purchasing...

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