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Three fun ways to prepare for the dreaded exam period

Let’s be honest, exams aren’t the best thing in the world. It can be a stressful time, especially if you are aiming for a particular result. A lot of late nights up studying, a lot of notes taken and revision, and if you are lucky, the...

Find a study method that works for you this exam period

As a student, it’s likely you will be studying a lot, especially heading towards exams. But have you ever thought about how you study? Research has shown that students perform better on exams if they study in a way that is best suited to their own...

Ways to Remember What You Learn

There are those people who sit down to exams and remember what they learnt (how envious I am of you) and then there are those who sit down to exams and no matter how they crammed or what they studied, all of it flies out the window and are up with...

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