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Christmas in Australia Vs. Canada

Snowmen, ice hockey and skiing... These are all things that Joel Sheasby thinks of when he hears the word "Christmas". Seafood lunches and pavlova came as quite the shock when he spent the last two Christmases in Australia...

Winter is coming!

Winter is quickly approaching and in some of our campus towns the drop in temperature can be quite a shock. Here are some tips how to stay healthy and warm during the colder months. Stay connected Socialising helps strengthen your immune system by...

girl taking baked goods out of the oven

Three warming winter activities

As the weather cools down and winter sets in, the temptation to retreat inside and stay there except for brisk walks to class is very strong. There are very few things that can carry you through the winter chills like being snuggled up in bed with...

girl in green dress enjoying the outdoors

Surviving flu season

As winter hits us hard on all the CSU campuses (and in all the places where online students are learning) the inevitability of colds and flu looms large. We all know the familiar struggles of battling through sniffles, wheezes, and a lingering cough...

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