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A sad goodbye

A sad goodbye


Jordan Treloar on his time as the Charlie Editor

The last two years have been quite interesting haven’t they. We are approaching the end of 2021 and I know that you don’t need a refresher of all of the challenges that we have faced in that time. This isn’t a story about that. This is more a story about a journey of mine in that time. See, for the last two years, I have had the utmost privilege to see the Charlie Blog grow into what it is today as the Editor. For the last two years, I have been a proud parent almost of this whole thing that you are reading right now. In that time, I have received countless pieces from our wonderful contributors to look over and publish, spoken with some truly wonderful people for student profiles and finally, write some helpful and entertaining pieces for all Charles Sturt students. I did my utmost best to make Charlie a place that all Charles Sturt students could write for and get their voice out there, after all, Charlie is ‘your student voice’.

So after these two years getting everyone else’s voices out there, I figure that it is finally my turn. My time as the Charlie Editor is coming to an end in about a week. So in a way, this piece of writing is a goodbye letter, a goodbye not only to Charlie but also as a goodbye to who I have been for two years.

My story with Charlie started back in 2018, halfway through my second year as a sports journo on the Bathurst campus. A job ad popped up and a friend of mine in my course suggested that we both apply for the role – Communication Intern. We both did and somehow we both got the position, writing articles and sharing stuff on social media, so a first thank you to Scarlett Hurst who encouraged me to apply (check out her articles on Charlie), and then the Comms Team, who gave me the opportunity. Then the end of 2019 rolled around and the previous Editor was graduating, so I applied for the role of Charlie Editor.

When I got the phone call late 2019 that said that I got the position, it was a big moment for me, because all of my hard work had paid off at that time, and I had my first official paid writing job, which for a young journo is a big deal. Suddenly, I now had a big responsibility and a baby to look after. Charlie was my baby for me to nurture, along with everyone else that was involved – Scarlett, my bosses and of course our contributors. Two years later, quite a lot has changed. I am two years older, more experienced and now have three degrees (once graduation comes around for this year). I am a different person, and Charlie has helped with a lot of that. I learnt a lot about what is involved in the industry, those pressures, the joys, the deadlines, schedules and writing skills. I have gotten to meet new people, work with some awesome people and had the opportunity to do the thing I love most – write. I guess I have a lot to thank Charlie for. I have tried my best to make Charlie the best it can be, but in a way, Charlie has made me who I am.

So moving forward, I wish my successor good luck as I pass the baton onto Brooke Chandler, who is a star journalist in the making and I have no doubt that she will crush it. Outside of Charlie, she already is so Charlie is in the best hands possible. Take care of this baby because it means the world to me. It might just be a university blog, but it is much much more to me.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to the people who read Charlie. You are the reason that Charlie exists and it has been a pleasure to put many words on a screen for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A new journey for me awaits and you will likely see me next to a race track somewhere in Australia, but it is a sad goodbye to the many memories I have. Here’s to the future. Thank you for everything.

That’s all folks.


Jordan Treloar

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