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Why you need a Charles Sturt student card

Why you need a Charles Sturt student card

If you’re about to start your Charles Sturt study journey, one key thing you will need is your student card.

As a new student, you might be wondering what your student card does. The student card gives you access to buildings, acts as identification for university events and student discounts, and it can even hold money on it.

Here’s a run-down on exactly what your student card can do for you:


On your card you’ll find your student number, which is essential for submitting your assessments and sitting exams. It’s also how the university keeps track of your information.

Building access

Uni facilities 

Depending on the facilities at your campus, your card can give you after-hours access to the library, computer labs, pool and the gym.


Some types of accommodation require your student card for electronic access. You’ll use your card to access the building as well as your own room, for security.

Access to flexis, meal points and personal funds

Your card can be used to pay for items on campus with Flexi points and meal points.

You can also add money to your student card. This can be done through Finances or by using an EFTPOS loader in your campus library.

You can keep track of all of your funds through the Student Portal or through the CSU Card Account Portal. You can set up a 6 digit pin on your student card to keep your funds secure.

Uni events

Your student card will give you access to social events – particularly those at the uni bar as it enables staff and security to identify you easily.

Damaged or lost card

If you’ve damaged your student card by accident or misplaced it, you can purchase a replacement for a small fee.

Other Charles Sturt campuses 

If you’re travelling between campuses, some features of your student card can be used at other campuses such as library access and borrowing.

Student discounts

This card will save you a lot of cash in the long-run. If you haven’t heard of student discounts before then welcome to one of the greatest luxuries of student life!

Keep your card handy at all times to identify yourself as a student and take advantage of student discounts.

How do I get my student card?

As a new student, you’ll need to submit a photo online through the Charles Sturt Student Self Service Portal to apply for your card. Photos must be in JPEG format and no larger than 200kB in size.

Your initial card is issued free of charge. However you’ll need to pay a replacement fee if the card is lost or damaged due to lack of care.

If you’re a new on-campus student and have already submitted your photograph, your card will be available for collection at the start of Orientation. For online students, your student cards will arrive via mail around August.

Keep track of your student card – you’ll be lost without it!

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