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Meet your Wagga Wagga Orientation Coordinators for 2021

Meet your Wagga Wagga Orientation Coordinators for 2021

Introducing Matilda Jeffries and Ava Castellaro, two of your 2021 Wagga Wagga Orientation Coordinators!

Matilda Jeffries

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“I am in my sixth year, doing a Bachelor of Animal Science. I come from a mixed farming property in South Australia and moved to Wagga in 2016 to start uni. I love meeting new people and getting out and exploring new places.”

Why did you nominate to be an Orientation Coordinator?

“This is my first year as an Orientation Coordinator. I nominated myself for the position as I have been an Orientation Leader for the last two years and I wanted to step up and take on a larger leadership opportunity.”

What is student life like on your campus?

“Student life is very social on the Wagga campus. There is always something happening, be it res sport or club sport, social gatherings and events or just hanging out in the accommodations.”

What are you looking forward to most for Orientation?

“Meeting all the new students starting off their next chapter at university, seeing our event plans come into play and hopefully seeing everyone enjoying themselves.”

What tips or advice do you have for new students?

“Make the most of your university years. Make friends and memories. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – uni is hard but the university staff are there to help you.”

Ava Castellaro

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“My name is Ava Castellaro, I’m 21 years old and originally from Griffith, NSW. I am studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Acting and Performance) with hopes of being a Secondary Drama Teacher!

“I love to make people laugh and make sure everyone is having the best time. I love being involved wherever I can be, and really love being able to support people.”

Why did you nominate to be an Orientation Coordinator?

“I have previously been an Orientation Leader and loved it. But I wanted to be more involved and have a voice and help with organisation during the Orientation period.

“My coordinators last year were fabulous and said only good things about the job, so I wanted to give it a shot and I was lucky enough to be selected!”

What is student life like on your campus?

“The students in Wagga are so supportive of each other and I’ve made some really great friends here. The people that surround on-campus living are so lovely and you’ll almost always get a hello from everyone you walk past.

“The great thing about Wagga campus is that you will meet students from literally everywhere around Australia and more. Living on campus for the duration of my study has been great and an amazing support system for me. The bonds you make on res are unbeatable and if you’re ever considering living on campus, I 100% recommend doing it!”

What are you looking forward to most for Orientation?

“I can’t wait to meet the first-year students and help them make friendships with each other. I’m also very excited to see everything we have organised unfold, and watch everyone enjoy the events. It’s going to be an interesting but fun Orientation.”

What will Orientation look like this year with the current COVID-19 restrictions?

“We’ve really had to think outside the box, and think about what is still going to be enjoyable for students. With the restrictions changing regularly we have had to make events flexible because things could change again in a split second. The good thing is, there will be events that have never been done before – keeping things fresh and fun for the students.”

What are you looking forward to most in 2021?

“I’m keen to meet more people and to also further my study. The good thing about my course is that we get to creatively collaborate on multiple new productions each year, and I’m very excited to see what we work on this year! I’m also looking forward to watching on-campus living thrive again, especially after the disaster that was 2020.”

What tips and advice do you have for new students?

“Get out and about! Support your clubs and join as many as you can. That’s how you make more friends and how you can be actively involved in the community.

“Also, make sure you utilise the facilities around campus – the pool, the gym and the library. There are so many great facilities. Get around to them all!”

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