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Top 5 tips: moving onto campus

Top 5 tips: moving onto campus

CSU on campus accommodation
CSU on campus accommodation

Moving onto campus can be stressful. Your parents are upset, you don’t want to leave your pets, and there’s so much to organise in such a short amount of time. Here are my tips on how to have the best move possible.

Packing checklist

The biggest struggle is knowing what you’re going to need. Do you really need a printer? Extension cords and HDMI cables?

It can be hard to know exactly what to pack, so we’ve created a checklist for all your on-campus essentials!

Top tip: Remember that you can always buy more things after you’ve moved in. Just bring the essentials to start with – that’s the most important thing.

RLs are the new RAs

Have you heard of RAs or Residential Advisors? These guys are student leaders who support on-campus students. From 2021, RAs will be referred to as RLs or Resident Leaders. RLs will still be just as helpful, providing support and mentoring much like RAs in past years.

Get to know your campus

Something that can put your mind at ease before moving is having a rough idea what your uni campus looks like.

Even if you have previously undertaken a campus tour, take the time to rediscover your campus.

Each campus has its own map to let you know the lay of the land and help you find your way around.

Explore your community

One of the best things about living on campus at Charles Sturt, is that our campuses reside in some of the most beautiful regions and neighbourhoods. If you’re moving away from your home town, a great thing to do in the lead up to your move is to do a little research about your new digs.

You can find all the best coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. Look up your new gym or yoga studio, and enquire about jobs and volunteering opportunities. See what other services and facilities your new community has to offer!

We’re here to help!

It can be extremely overwhelming when you are getting ready to move onto campus for the first time. Don’t worry though – we have many services that you can contact before you move in to answer any questions you might have.

On move-in day there will also be Orientation Week Leaders and RLs to help you get set up and settled in.

Good luck!

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