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Top study tips for Session 3

Top study tips for Session 3

Are you feeling daunted about the prospect of studying over summer, while it feels like everyone else is on holidays?

The Charles Sturt Academic Skills team are there to support you through Session 3 to help you stay on track, get the best out of your assessments, and find motivation.

Karen Davidson, Academic Skills Coordinator for the Faculty of Science, shares some of her tips for study success.

Look closely at the expectations in the subject outline

Start the session by reading carefully through your subject outlines and note down what is expected of you, including assessment due dates.

“A lot of it is knowing what you need to do, understanding the processes, and then just putting one foot in front of the other.”

Set deliberate time aside for studying

It’s likely you will have to juggle your study with summertime social commitments, so plan ahead.

“It’s just about looking at your calendar and thinking: ‘When should I start these things?’”

Reach out to your lecturer or other supports if you get stuck

Lecturers and tutors are there to help you, and they’re just an email away.

“Engage with your lecturers, and the materials, and your peers. The research shows that leads to better outcomes,” Karen says.

The Academic Skills team are also happy to help, so make an appointment or explore their range of online workshops to help you brush up on your skills. And of course, it’s all free.

Engage with all areas of your study

“Engage with the content and be as involved as you can be,” Karen says.

“Trying to ignore a problem, or ignore the work, obviously doesn’t work out.”

And finally:

Karen says if you have a problem or a query about your course or an assessment, it’s better to ask for support through your lecturers or Academic Skills as early as possible.

Also, make sure you’re getting decent sleep, eating well, and exercising when you’re not studying.

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