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Upgrade: Graduation Planning System

Upgrade: Graduation Planning System

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Take control of your degree! Map your path to graduation with the newly upgraded Graduation Planning System (GPS)

Have you ever enrolled in the wrong subject? If you have, you’ll know what a mess it can cause to your enrolment pattern. It often means that you’ll need to study in a summer session to catch up or risk pushing back your completion date.

The Graduation Planning System (GPS) was recently upgraded, so now you can easily see which subjects to enrol in and when. The GPS is a web-based tool that was first launched in 2016, to help students map their path to graduation.

Benefits of the new GPS

  • You can use the GPS to see all the requirements of your course.
  • You can clearly see what subjects you have completed and still need to complete
  • You can review your degree options, including specialisations and elective subjects
  • You can check for subject pre-requisites and subject availability
  • You can create a plan of study or use one of the approved templates from your Course Director, so you can correctly manage your enrolment
  • You can access the GPS 24/7 on any device

Take control of your studies

If you have majors or minors, the new GPS will show you all the possibilities available to you, and where they can fit in your enrolment plan.

You can create an enrolment plan by following the instructions in this video. Once you’ve decided on your enrolment plan, your Course Director can review your plan and approve your eligibility to graduate.

Enrol in your subjects with ease

If you’ve got an approved enrolment plan, you can easily enrol in your subjects each session from Online Admin.

Why can’t I access the GPS?

You cannot access the GPS if:

  • you have a financial hold on your student account
  • you have not completed your academic integrity subject by the deadline. This deadline is the end of Session 1 2021.

If these conditions do not apply to you, and you still can’t seem to access your GPS, contact Student Central.

Read more information about the Graduation Planning System (GPS) upgrade.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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