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Why you should consider joining a Charles Sturt Alumni Group after graduation

Why you should consider joining a Charles Sturt Alumni Group after graduation

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Just last year, 6,000 students graduated Charles Sturt University. There are of course many who have graduated before you. As we approach the end of this semester, you may be on the path to join that illustrious group. This means that you may have the opportunity to join a Charles Sturt University Alumni Group. Lets have a look at what these groups entail.

Who are in these Groups?

Generally, alumni groups consist of former students. This means that once you graduate, you too can become an alumnus of one of the CSU alumni groups.

After you graduate and within a year of doing so, you can join an Alumni Group. In doing so, many opportunities may present themselves to you.

The Benefits

Firstly, you will get access to many of your past peers at Charles Sturt University who you can network and connect with. These might include people who are in higher positions than you are now such as defence workers, experts and professionals in different fields and business leaders working at national and international levels.

Good connections are a better way of establishing your career and you will experience positive growth through the advice they can share. Apart from networking, you can get advice about career development such as resumes and job interviews preparation. This will be a good opportunity for you to have just after your graduation.

Additionally, being a Charles Sturt Alumnus provides you with a few more special advantages. These include study discounts if you wish to study further with With Charles Sturt University, which can ultimately lead to a reduction of your course fees.

Furthermore, you will get a free lifetime membership of the Charles Sturt library which provides you with access to the huge library online database. Sounds interesting right…?

Moreover, you will also have access to the dental, vet, allied and podiatry health Charles Sturt University clinics and other discounts elsewhere like Charles Sturt wine and boutique wine ranges.

Giving Back

Other than receiving these benefits, you can also contribute back to Charles Sturt University such as helping existing Charles Sturt students, donating to scholarships and supporting students by giving back. This will encourage the next generation to get the most from the opportunities presented to them.

So don’t forget to join the Charles Sturt Alumni Group once you graduate. It will be a new opportunity for you to explore being a Alumni.

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