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How to Make Friends in the Online Environment

How to Make Friends in the Online Environment

CSU Online student studying at a cafe.
CSU Online student studying at a cafe. Image: CSU image

Are you looking to expand your friend group while studying at uni? There are many ways for you to do this.

While Facebook and other social media platforms are very useful for this, they aren’t the only platforms and methods you can try. Have a look at the two below.

Make use of the 15min time given from online lectures

As we are focusing on our studies and lectures, you probably have experienced that some of your lecturers may create breakout rooms in the last 15 minutes of the lecture meeting.

This is usually for students to discuss with each other informally about things because we have pretty much lost all physical interaction with other students due to COVID-19.

This is a great place and time to get to know your fellow peers who are doing the same subjects as your. As we cannot meet each other physically, we can discuss with each other about almost anything through these 15min breakout rooms.

Some students are not willing to participate in these and that is okay, as they just leave the meeting. But once we get to know each other, it will be a great advantage to discuss lecture notes and help each other in their studies if anyone needs help.

You also never know who might turn up to your class so you can make a lot of different friends as the session goes on. Don’t miss this opportunity that is given to you within the lecture period time.

Being interactive on your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is another great place to connect with fellow students, make friends and also network with people within your chosen industry. Once you make a strong profile, you might find out about job vacancies that you can pursue, which is an awesome opportunity.

Making a strong profile however might not be enough. Try and be as interactive as you can when you are on LinkedIn. You don’t have to be logged in all day as 30 minutes is usually enough if you want to get the most out of it. This might include chatting and sending well wishes on your friend’s birthdays and anniversaries.

LinkedIn contains the professional details of each person, so it is safer to make friends than chatting with people on other social media like Facebook. And make sure you are making new connections with an open-mind without being limited to only one industry. Randomness of your new connections is the most important thing which can lead you into valuable benefits in future.

When it is polite and safe, these friendships can be more meaningful and valuable to both parties than merely just chatting and gossiping with mutual friends. I would say that using the breakout rooms to your advantage is great for an academic perspective and LinkedIn is great for the careers perspective.

As students, the successful management of both can have a noticeably positive impact on your ability in connecting with the people at Charles Sturt University and beyond.

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